Vision & Strategy



To create a Mooimelk Koeihotel “Cow Hotel” Dairy with TMR feeding facilities in the middle of a fodder production area with permanent irrigation, where sufficient roughages and grain can be produced to feed a large number of dairy cattle professionally and economically.


To pool cows and spread the fixed costs of the infrastructure and labour by a large number of cows.


Management and Personnel info


The management apply good disease control, for example, a TB- and CA-free herd and inoculations against any other diseases prevalent in the area where the animals are kept.

They follow good, healthy calf-rearing practices to avoid stunted calves.

The cows are housed in a full feed feedlot system.

The farm “Wynandskraal” is 310 ha under irrigation from the Orange-Fish River State Water Scheme with 12 500 cubic meters of water allocated per hectare. At a conservative stocking rate of only 4 cows per ha, the farm can produce enough roughage for approximately 1 200 cows. Should there be more animals, feed will be bought in from nearby farms

Thanks to the performance testing scheme and the use of AI, the Holstein breed continues to improve in conformation and milk, butterfat and protein yield. The heifers born to any herd using genetically superior bulls and semen have a higher production potential than, say, five years earlier.

In this project Mooimelk Koeihotel “Cow Hotel” use proven AI bull semen and AI-quality registered Holstein bulls in the herd so as to be in a position to return animals of, at least, the same quality as those which were originally received from the Investor.


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