T he owner of the cows retains ownership of cows with specific ear tag numbers.


They are kept and fed separately on the Mooimelk Koeihotel terrain. In this model the owner of the cows have to supply his own feed for the cows. He then carries the risk of ageing and mortality but he also retains the progeny born from his cows. He sells his own milk and pays a fee to the Mooimelk Koeihotel for using their milking and feeding facilities. This model requires a lot of record keeping and administration. This is a risky choice as there are no guarantees given by the host.

  • Separate paddocks for share milker’s cows.

  • Milking the share milker’s cows.

  • Feeding the share milker’s cows per agreement.

  • Supply of labour and machinery for feeding of cows.

  • Collective marketing of milk to achieve premium price.

  • Collective bargaining power.

  • Care of calves up to the age of 3 months.

  • Basic record keeping and monthly reporting to share milkers.




In this model the cow owner farms for profit or loss – he is dependent on the milk price and all the fluctuations of the feed cost as he took that choice. The fee structure for services rendered by the Mooimelk Koeihotel “Cow hotel” will be cost related and is currently pitched at R6-50 per cow per day. The host and mentor in this project will deduct the fees as well as the installment owed to the bank. Depending on other production costs the profit or loss will be passed on to the owner of the cows.


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