The "Mooimelk Koeihotel" is a large dairy on the banks of the Fish River in the Eastern Cape, near the town of Cookhouse. The “hotel” concept is based on the principle of leasing cows from investors to accommodate more cows.

The Mooimelk Cow Hotel is owned and managed by Gerdie, Lorenda and son Chris Landman.Six managers are responsible for the different departments in the farming operation. The work force of 40 people all have a specific responsibility in the farming operation.

The farm consists of 440 hectares of irrigation lands where fodder is produced for more than 2 500 Holstein cattle. Lucerne, maize and oats are produced on a rotational basis on the fertile soils of the Fish River. Utilizing the fodder in a wet form enables the cultivation of three crops per year on the same lands


Gerdie, Chris and Lorenda Landman-Managers of Koeihotel


Chris in "Hawer"-been cut from 'volblaar' stage for green feed.

Every farm worker wore a Soccer
T-shirts during the World cup 2010

They look so good because they eat so good.




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