Should the Investor not find a suitable buyer, the MOOIMELK KOEIHOTEL undertakes to buy the Investor's animals and guarantees, at lees, their value at the start of the investment period.

  • The Investor remains the owner of the corresponding number of animals originally invested in the project. The animals serve as security for the investment.
  • Should the Investor wish to sell the heifers at the end of the investment period, he/she is free to do so at the best market price – however, the Lessee retains the right of first refusal over the best written offer for the heifers at that time.
  • Any deaths or losses due to disease are to the Lessee’s account – he is still obliged to return the original number of animals to the Investor.
  • The increase in value of the heifers due to inflation, gives the Investor more protection from the negative effects of inflation than that of a bank investment.
  • The Investor’s animals do not form part of the Lessee’s inventory and the investor remains the legal owner.
  • Should any court order be issued against the lessee, the investor can claim his investment in monetary terms.
  • Should the owners of the Mooimelk Cow Hotel decide to abandon the project, the investor will be paid full market value for his heifers at that stage, but never less than the contractual value of the heifers.

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